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Electric RC Helicopters: Be Safe While Having Fun!

Electronic RC helicopters are known to provide more bang for the buck when it comes to the sheer thrill and exhilaration of flying a radio controlled aircraft. Coming in a close second in terms of appeal, the burgeoning popularity of RC helicopters can be seen among enthusiasts of all ages. However, the rotating aerofoil of these choppers make them difficult to control, so it is imperative to pay due attention to safety when enjoying these aircrafts.

Why do you need safety measures when flying a hobby aircraft?

Although electric RC helicopters are easier to control than their gas powered counterparts; they can inflict serious injury if not handled carefully. Hobby grade helis are famed for their high rotor speeds and the spinning blades can cause grave physical harm if you are careless with it. Even the tiny, plastic toy models can leave you bruised if the spinning blades scrape the skin.

Being Safe with RC Helicopters

Take an experienced pilot along: If you are new to flying RC helicopters, it is advisable to take a seasoned pilot along who can take over the controls from you in case of trouble.

Don't fly in crowded areas: Flying in close vicinity of other aircrafts, children, people or pets is a strict "no-no". These factors can easily mar your concentration and lead to a fatal crash.
A preflight check is a must: Well, those professional pilots put the big birds like the 737 and the 747 through a pre-flight check, so why not do the same with RC helicopters? A pre-flight check will help you to ensure that all the nuts and bolts are tightly screwed on and the various components are held together tightly. This greatly alleviates the risk of a blade or another part flying off and causing injury.

Maintain safe distance: Regardless of the fuel type used in your RC heli, it is vital to keep a safe distance of at least 10 to 15 feet between yourself and the aircraft. The rotor blades typically spin at speeds in excess of 250 miles an hour and given the carbon fiber used in their construction, they can not only cause grievous harm but also a fatality.

Ensure a clear flight path: Make sure that your flight path is clear of obstacles such as tress, power lines etc. Also, ensure that you do not fly the aircraft towards yourself or even at head height.

Do not fly when its gusting: It will not only take more effort to maintain control of the Electric RC helicopter when its gusting but also there is a very real risk of the aircraft getting too close to your body.

Do not fly non-electric helis indoors: The fumes emitted by gas powered and nitro RC helicopters are toxic and may cause health concerns, so do not use them indoors

Try stunts on a simulator first: If you are keen on aerobatic maneuvers, it would be best to try them on a simulator. This will help you to hold on to your new toy.

Always be safe with your electric RC helicopters: Ensure that the battery is disconnected before trying to adjust any component on the chopper. It is particularly important to not adjust the radio when the chopper is powered as there is a strong likelihood of reversing the throttle accidentally.

With most new age Electric RC helicopters, it is possible to program fail-safe settings into the receiver; this is highly recommended. Also, remember that RC helicopters are designed to be flown in wide open spaces; trying to maneuver them in a closed area can be extremely dangerous. So, have fun but be safe with these common sense tips!


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